Advanced Dynamic Lighting

Simple to setup. Fun for the entire party.

Immerse Your Players

Whether you are familiar with existing virtual tabletop tools or are brand new, Power VTT makes it incredibly simple to add and test Dynamic Lighting for your encounters.

Near/Far Sight

Tokens can be configured to see near and far distances, allowing you to conceal enemies and NPCs on the map while still giving your players the ability to see what's ahead.

Test In-Editor

Test tokens from within the Map Editor with ease. Power VTT gives you simple tools to place a token while editing and move it around the map to make sure you covered all your traps.

Pen Tool

Use the Pen Tool to create, select, move, or delete existing path points. Place points easily with snap-to-grid or turn off for intricate corners.

Included with Every Subscription

Become the ultimate game master with Power VTT Online and give your players Dynamic Lighting when you subscribe today.

Pro Tip: Use Dynamic Lighting together with Weather and create experiences unlike any other virtual tabletop!