Download Power VTT

Download for WindowsLatest version v0.10.0 (published September 5th 2017, 7:16:43 pm)Not the right download? Get Power VTT for Windows, macOS, or Linux (32-bit)


  1. Click More info
  2. Verify that the file is signed by Unicorn Heart Club LLC
  3. Click Run anyway

You are one of the first users to download Power VTT. We are a brand new publisher and the warning will go away once enough users install the platform.


Build maps and encounters using the 200+ included tiles and export them for use in any VTT with no restrictions. We also have a marketplace you can purchase additional assets with and offer online hosting services too!

Subscriptions are required if you want to host your games online. Joining an online game does not require a subscription. You do not need a subscription to use the RPG Map Builder, Character Builder, or My Vault.

Our official support forum is the place to submit and vote on new feature requests, post bugs reports, and get help with questions from the Power VTT team and our growing online community.

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