The easiest way to build & play tabletop RPGs online

Although still in development Power VTT is quickly becoming a powerful tool for both DMs and players alike. There are new useful features constantly being added, and if something isn’t there the developer will try to make those features happen.
- chunkosauruswrex, user since June 2017

RPG Encounter Builder

Power VTT was built to be easy and simple for everyone. Build encounters for your campaign in minutes, not hours.

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Easy Online Tools

Immerse your players in your worlds with features such as weather, live chat, and more. Easy to use tools for both GMs and players.

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200+ assets included

What's better than a free map builder? How about 200+ free tiles and assets to build your encounters with!

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Power VTT is a simple, but powerful virtual tabletop. We offer free tools and online hosting for Game Masters and players that make it fun and easy to play tabletop RPGs online without having to learn complicated software, pricing, or interfaces.

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