The easiest way to build and play tabletop games online

Building encounters for your players can be needlessly complicated. Virtual tabletops today are either limited in features, extremely outdated, or simply too expensive for some of our budgets. We built Power VTT as a FREE alternative to complicated virtual tabletops and are now developing online gameplay to go with it!

200+ assets included

What's better than a free map builder? How about 200+ free tiles and assets to build your encounters with! Take your players to new uncharted territories, absolutely free.

Export for any VTT

Don't wait for us to finish online gameplay to use your maps! Scale, crop, and export your maps as images to use in other tabletops or print at home!

Organize everything

Keep your maps and assets organized with My Vault. Install additional asset packs and soon manage your campaigns, characters, NPCs, and more!

Map Builder

Everything you need to build rich RPG encounters in less time.

Snap to Grid

Spend less time carefully aligning assets and start snapping tiles together with ease. Resize and rotate based on the grid size or easily toggle snap-to-grid off.


Stop wasting time trying to find where you placed your assets. Power VTT's advanced layer system allows you to group, clone, hide, and lock layers for seriously powerful map building.


Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes we make a lot of mistakes. While we can't bring you back to better times we can let you undo/redo everything you modify in Power VTT!

Superior Support

Power VTT was built with feedback like yours. Check out the official support forums to let us know what you think! Submit, search, and vote on new features or get help.

Character Builder

Create, save, and manage character sheets for your players, NPCs, and monsters.

Powerful & Simple

Create and manage character sheets compitible with the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons SRD. Rule-hinting and compatibility-checking are coming soon!

Easy to Reuse

Save, edit, clone, and delete characters sheets using My Vault. Import character sheets into new or existing online games for your PCs, NPCs, and monsters!


Over 2,000 assets available for purchase (and growing)

We teamed up artists you already know and trust to bring you thousands of high-quality, ready-to-use assets for your encounters. We offer a wide-selection of curated asset packs, tokens, and soon pre-built maps, campaigns, and more!

See what's in store

Online Gameplay

Power VTT is evolving into a massive online platform for tabletop players to find and host games online. Our goal is simplicity. We are building tools that make it easy to run your own campaigns online without complicated interfaces or pay-to-unlock features.

Special early-access pricing for online gameplay is available for a limited-time only.

$ 2 monthly Coming Soon
  • 30-day free trial, no credit card required
  • Host your maps online to play with your party
  • Invite players and assign tokens
  • Special GM/Player specific screens & abilities
  • Chat with your group and send private messages
  • Roll RPG-standard dice
  • Exclusive access to newest features

Only GMs will be required to pay to host an unlimited number of players. We always welcome your feedback on how to best support the future of the platform.

Ready to start using Power VTT?